1. Formation of Robicey City for Leather Industries will increase size of production by 40%
  2. Both Industries are labor intensive.
  3. Both Industries have high potential to contribute positively and significantly to GDP.
  4. Multiple Strategic Trade Agreements
  5. Strategic location of Egypt in the middle of the world
  6. Size of tourism in Egypt.

 Areas where enhancements/development are most needed

  1. Lack of sufficient trained technicians and specialized workers
  2. Need of additional capitals investments
  3. Industries lack adequate links to fashion and formation of Egyptian own fashion.
  4. Inadequate complains to International Standards
  5. Need to focus on strategic markets with value added.
  6. Need to join strategic associations and forums
  7. Insufficient communications between industry stakeholders


  1. Increasing Public and Governmental Awareness of the roles of these Industries.
  2. Developing ICT effective tools and forums for communications between Industries Stakeholders both on a National Level and on an International Level.
  3. Training of Trainers with focus on the following key areas:
    • Importance of having feedback loops:  From profit to investment capital, from customers to production of new products.
    • Fashion and creation of Egyptian Fashion Centers
    • Environmental requirements
    • International Standards and Requirements of new markets.
    • New marketing strategies and Skills.
  4. Penetrating new markets with new products and vertical investment in industries.
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