1. Business Model that allows for continuous maximization of the true capital value of production.
  2. Free training on creating centers specialized in attractive product designs, creating Egyptian and international fashion, and building development and research units
  3. Free training on new market opening strategies and meeting the needs of these markets to ensure that the product conforms to environmental requirements or international standards requirements
  4. The project, through grants from the European Union, provides financial support to 150 micro, small and medium enterprises, 20 innovators, 20 entrepreneurs and 20 skilled manufacturers from the textile and leather industries
  5. . Establishing institutes for fashion training and education and create the Egyptian fashion concept.
  6. A set of technological tools for communication between industry parties and owners of factories, companies and workshops, investors, innovators, makers, idea owners, government officials, media professionals, consumer groups, and local and global measurement communities
  7. Organizing a set of conferences that bring together those interested in the two industries.
  8. Contribute to spreading public and specialized awareness of the two industries
  9. Participation in some important international exhibitions.
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