The meeting started at 10 am as EssaEskandar stated the critical health case at Italy which result in working from home, hoping to attend the meeting next time.

Gamal Darwish started the meeting welcoming every one of the attendees with special thanks to the distinguished partners from Italy, whishing things to go better and he can to meet them next time.

After quickly scanning the two-day agenda, Gamal Darwish gave a shorts speech about the Open Factory Project: objective, partners, work packages, task assigned to each work package.

Each of the partners gave a presentation about the organization s/he represents.

Cairo University: represented by Imane Saroite, Dean of Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, who draw a sketch about the faculty; establishment, mission, vision, departments, degrees, students and staff.

IMC: represented by Amr Taha, Executive Director, presented some general information about IMC; establishment, mission, vision, experience and services offered by IMC. He also mentioned some of the technical programs carried out by the center. He ended by clarifying the center’s role through its accelerator hub, bringing success stories and great experience in transforming a number of “ideas” into industrial entities managed in a scientific methodology.

NRC: represented by Amira Elshafie , head of Textile Industries Research Division, who introduced the NCR’s divisions, organization structure, mission and vision. Then she moved to talk specifically about the textile industry in Egypt and numbers of companies and employment in the sector as well as its share in the local economy. Amira continued to present the division of Textile research at NRC; its objectives, units, departments, Staff, research topics. In addition, she mentioned the “Innovative Textile Technology Center (for R&D and Prototype)” which connects applied research and education to market opportunities.

Chamber of Leather: represented by Omar Hefni, General Manager of the Chamber, who gave his presentation about the chamber; mission and vision, share in the local economy and number of factories and workers. He continued to talk about the products, exports. He also talked about the future plans of the tanning sector in Egypt.

Link Campus University: represented by Valentina Volpi, Research Activities Coordinator, who draw an outline of the university; degrees, courses, professional training and research areas such as computer interaction and digital technologies that is involved in the ongoing project.

Chamber of Textile:  represented by Fatma Nasr Eldin, Manager of the Technical Department, who presented an overview of the chamber as it consists of sectors to serve the companies in the field offering them the required data. Also, the chamber is the link between companies and factories and the government. The chamber holds conferences, training courses as well as exhibitions.

Sercam Advisory: represented by Nicole Conte, business consultant, who offered an overall picture of Sercam Advisory’s goals and role.

ProgettoSud: represented by Stefano Bini who introduced the organization; its mission, vision, roles, goals, activities and partnership with both profit and nonprofit organizations. He showed some of the organization’s projects in Jordan and Lebanon.

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