Communications & Visibility Plan

Project Objectives

  1. Raise awareness with the importance of enhancing the development of the Egyptian Industry and specifically the Leather and Textile Industries
  2. Raise awareness with the objectives of the Open Factory Project

Project Target Groups

  1. Government Departments and Officials, Industry Researchers, Key Industry Leaders and Players, General Public Audiences.
  2. MSME of the Leather and Textile Industries specifically

Key messages by target group (in relation to the action’s operational objectives)

  1. The key roles of these industries in raising GDP and employment rates.
  2. The importance of building databases and using ICT in general.
  3. The importance of training and training of trainers.

Project Activities

  1. Press Releases and News in various media channels such as those identified in Appendix I.
  2. Organization of a Specialized Meeting covered by domestic media.
  3. Publications of Newsletters.
  4. Publication on the web site of Cairo University Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence.
  5. Publication on the social media.
  6. Questionnaire to both Industries.
  7. Involvement of both Leather Industries Chamber and Textile Industries Chamber.
  8. Organization of a Specialized Meeting to discuss the status of the industries and the road map for the solutions with involvement and participation of Leather Industries Chamber, Textile Industries Chamber, Industry Modernization Center, National Research Center, Cairo University, and EU Experts (Progesto SUD, Link Campus University, and Sercam Advisory). Project evaluation
  9. General discussions
  10. Press Release by the Minister of Industry and Trade
  11. Participation of the Head of the Leather Industries Chamber, Head of IMC (Industry Modernization Center), and media.

Means of verification by target groups: Videos and published news that are on the project drive.

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