1. The first meeting of the project was held over for two days in March 2020 to discuss the project objectives, the work plan and needs, and the formation of work teams
  2. Three working committees were formed: The Supreme Project Committee, the Quality Assurance Committee, and the Business Communication and Publication Committee
  3. A questionnaire was designed to create a database for the two industries and an integrated industrial database was built for the project.
  4. A website for the project was established (as a branch of the Cairo University portal of the Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence) to communicate with those interested in the two industries
  5. The communications plan and vision are designed and initiated
  6. Specialized studies have been developed on the two industries
  7. A road map has been designed for the project to determine the target added value for the two industries and the national component in them and how to achieve it and to determine the axes of targeted training to raise the volume and value of production as well as create new job opportunities and open new markets for the two industries with the aim of exporting.
  8. The second meeting was held in October 2020, where specialized studies on the two industries were presented, and the communication plan, vision and roadmap for the project were discussed and approved
  9. The first industry conference will be held to present the project objectives, business plan and training plan to the major industry participants
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