Within the framework of the (Open Factory) project for the development of Egyptian industries in general with a focus on the textile and leather industries, which aims to develop a business model that encourages factories and companies to continuously develop and transfer technology and localize it in Egypt in order to create efficient national industries with Egyptian technologies.

It is noteworthy that the project, through grants from the European Union and partnership with Cairo University, the Industrial Modernization Center and the National Research Center, provides technical support to 150 micro, small and medium companies, 20 innovators, 20 entrepreneurs and 20 skilled manufacturers of textile and leather industries. It provides free training and workshops on strategies to open new markets, build development and research units, train trainers to design attractive new products, comply with international standards and requirements of global markets such as Europe, establish fashion training and education institutes, create Egyptian fashion and other topics of product development and marketing plans.

This training is followed by a business incubator and accelerator in order to connect companies with the industrial community. Business incubators and accelerators include a number ranging between 50 and 60 participants, who will benefit from the outputs of this incubator as follows:

Technical support in the field of innovative product designs, product development, waste reduction, design time and cost to ensure a special competitive advantage that helps in the success of these partners

Technical support in the areas of production management and quality control

Technical support on how to export and open new markets for the products of companies and factories, as well as the importance of matching environmental requirements and how to achieve this

Drawing a clear road map for the owners of creative ideas in order to establish their own companies on clear administrative and technical bases that ensure that risks are minimized in the best possible way.

Communication tools between the different partners of the two industries, whether local or international, incubating ideas and cooperating between them using information technology, which facilitates the provision of the necessary funds and communication with local and international consumer unions to identify the needs of different markets and communication between owners of ideas and owners of companies, factories and workers. Entrepreneurs, those responsible for planning for these two industries, legislators for their laws, etc

Tools for e-marketing and electronic exhibitions of products available around the clock, seven days a week and for all countries of the world

A financial grant to contribute to the success of graduates from business incubators, companies and factories if they pass the special requirements specified by the grant

Benefit from the support services of the Industrial Modernization Center for companies

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